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Using SharePoint Document Library as a Network Drive

Posted by Ashraf on February 23, 2012

Applies to SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 SharePoint document library.

How to use SharePoint Document Library as a Network Drive

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5 Responses to “Using SharePoint Document Library as a Network Drive”

  1. Jenny said

    Thanks! So how do you keep it connected? It stops being connected randomly throughout the day forcing the user to login to the portal and navigate to their document library in order to reconnect the drive. Very messy and defeats the purpose of mapping the drive for users that don’t use web apps.

  2. Jenny said

    RU serious! So, if instead of choosing Tools, Map Network Drive from Windows Explorer you should right click Computer and choose Map Network Drive and it stays connected? Boy, I hope I’m understanding this correctly because I have been struggling with this since conversion.

    • Ashraf said

      Hi Jenny,
      My users login to the portal/shared folder using IE and from library tab click on open in windows explorer at their first login and then shared drive works fine. hope this helps you.

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