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How to deploy SharePoint 2010 Solution Package – the wsp file

Posted by Ashraf on January 20, 2011

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14 Responses to “How to deploy SharePoint 2010 Solution Package – the wsp file”

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  2. harsh said

    thanks a ton buddy helped a lot

  3. […]… […]

  4. […] to post how you can deploy this web part but a generic farm solution deployment guide can be found here.  I’ve tested this on SharePoint 2010 only but should work fine on MOSS […]

  5. ram said

    thanks…it helps

  6. torontom said

    everything seems to be ok and succeeded, but at the last step, I could not find the feature to enable and thus could not add the web part, no error message or anything

  7. Dave said


    […]How to deploy SharePoint 2010 Solution Package – the wsp file « Sharing the Point[…]…

  8. Nuwan Tharanga said

    Thanx Friend, It works….

  9. colmfinn said

    Great little article. Thank you so much for this ! spent a lot of time looking around for something straightforward and concise. Cheers.

  10. kevin said

    Hi , When I deploy, I can’t choose web application to deploy and it says it will be deployed globally.
    When I click OK, I got access denied. I am using Admin Account.

    • kevin said

      Ohh it’s OK now. I forget to start IE with admin.
      Btw, I deploy sharepoint timer job with wsp . Although deployment is successful, I can’t see my timer job in Central Administration>Monitoring>Check job status.

  11. Ceci said

    Thanks for the help! I deploy and the status is “deploying”, not “deployed”, so i think that something was wrong, can you help me please??

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  13. Mark Dininio said

    Thanks for the detailed instrcutions. HUGE help! Bookmarked

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