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Implementing a Document Management System with SharePoint : Preface

Posted by Ashraf on June 17, 2010

Very recently I have finished implementing a document management and collaboration solution with SharePoint 2010 and Office Web Apps. And here I will share that experience from some technical perspective meaning that I will only discuss about the installation and customization part. But before going further I think a very brief description of the requirements will be helpful. Okay, here I go:

The Scenario

“MyCompany (Imaginary) is a service provider and it has many clients. MyCompany prepares both technical and financial proposals for different types of projects and after getting the work order it engage its managers and developers for development and other services. Support representatives are responsible for implementation of project and time to time support. To keep the service record they use paper based form and take sign of customer with service details after providing the requested service.
After that accounts department prepare bills and send to the customers through office staffs/email/courier based on the urgency. Time to time different departments also send various types of letters as well.”
Now the management wants to create such a system which can provide them a single place to store and share the documents, stopping reinvention of same document, reduce time of creating new document by sharing different types of templates across the company. By this system they also want to keep the communication records with the clients such as letters, invoice, and email for quick retrieval and reusage.
Hearing the story I have suggested SharePoint 2010 to give them a relief. And they raise the thumbs. So my assignment has begun.

Planning the solution

I have planned to implement the solution on a single server machine and designed SharePoint document library for storing and retrieval of documents. For different types of documents I had used global content types (such as letter/invoice) and site column from the site collection for usage at different subsite to minimize the effort. By this way I can reuse columns and content types at different sites and libraries. SharePoint 2010 supports global content types; so this is a big deal that leverages the use of content types across the site collections. I will discuss how to create content types and columns on my later post.


A single server SharePoint farm generally consists of one server that runs both Database server (i.e Microsoft SQL Server 2008 here) and Application server (i.e SharePoint Server 2010 in my scenario) .It can be deployed if someone is planning a small amount of sites for a limited number of users around 10 to15. And/orĀ  for personal development environment. This configuration is also helpful if you want to implement a farm to meet your needs first, and then add servers to the farm at a later stage.

sharepoint Installation Stack

sharepoint Installation Stack

In this installation I used SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise so that I can configure a simple server farm and can add more application and frontend server later. This post is the 1st of 12 part series step by step approach of deployment and customization of SharePoint solution;
  • Install Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
  • Install and Configure Active Directory Domain Services
  • Install IIS 7 and SMTP Server
  • Add Application Server Role
  • Install Database Server – SQL 2008 R2 x64
  • Install SharePoint 2010
  • Configure Email, Search
  • Create Site Collection and site
  • Create Content Type and Site columns
  • Create and configure Document Library
  • Create and Configure Document Set
  • Filtering documents by User filter webpart

No more today, I will back within a very short time with the first step.


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